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Jeen Mata – Folk Deity in Sikar

Jeen Mata, also known as Jayanti Mata, occupies an important place amongst folk deities of Rajasthan. Jeen Mata is incarnation of Goddess Durga.

The folk deity is famous in Sikar district of Rajasthan and is worshiped mainly by Chauhan Rajputs. She is kuldevi of Chauhan Rajputs.


The history behind the belief in Jeen Mata is very interesting. Centuries ago the king Ghanga of village Ghoghu (in Churu district) loved and married with an Apsara on the condition that he would not visit her palace without prior information to her. Later they were blessed with son Harsha and daughter Jeen. One day the king visited Apsara’s palace without permission. Due to his visit, Apsara left the king, taking her son and daughter with her.

How Jeen became Deity

Harsha was very caring for his sister and fulfilled all desires of her. Harsha got married due to  her sister’s desire. Some time later, Harsha’s wife started creating misunderstanding between brother and sister. Jeen got upset with this and went in forest to live in severe austerity and penance.

The brother soon realized his mistake and visited Jeen, but he could not convince her to change her mind. So he decided to practice the same austerity and penance and undertook the devotion on a different mountain. The two children practiced extreme asceticism atop separate hills in thick forests. With time Jeen gained status of `Durga’ as her Avatar and Harsh achieved the incarnation of `Bhairon’- helper of `Shiva’. Some years later, a Chauhan ruler built a temple at that place. The main temple has a very high Shikhar (Pinnacle) in the midst.

Jeen Mata’s Temple

An ancient temple dedicated to Jeen Mata is 30 km away from Sikar. Lacs of devotees congregate here every year in the month of Chaitra and Ashwin at the time of Navratra fairs. In the temple there is a statue of Jeen Mata with eight arms.

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Biyani Havelis in Sikar, Rajasthan – Property of the Ruling Merchant Family

Founded in the 17th century, Sikar was the largest and the richest ‘thikana’ (Feudal State) under Jaipur. The town was modeled to resemble the city plan of Jaipur.

Havelis in Sikar

Sikar is now one of the two districts of Shekhawati, the other being Jhunjhunu. This walled city has lofty buildings, a massive fort and an array of splendid havelis and temples ornate with beautiful frescoes.   Worth a visit are Sikar’s large market, the clock tower and the painted Biyani havelis.

Biyani Haveli in Sikar

The Biyanis were the ruling merchant family, having their handsome Biyani Haveli (circa 1865) with some excellent murals.  There is one haveli among Biyani Havalis painted totally in blue color, suggestive of the typical Chinese blue-and-white porcelain.

Inside the haveli is a little temple decorated with mirror work, though it is scarred badly in places where antique dealers have torn out the glass covered pictures.

Other Places to visit in Sikar

There are some other attractions in Sikar including  Sagarmal Sodhani Haveli, Madho Niwas-Kothi. Jubilee Hall & Fort are worth visiting while you are travelling Sikar.  The fort and temples of Gopinath, Raghunath and Madan Mohan with commendable frescoes are absolutely exemplary.

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Government Museum, Sikar – House of Ancient Sculptures

Government Museum, Sikar was opened to public on 28 June, 2006. The museum was built mainly to house the sculptures collected from Harshnath temple of 10 Cent. A.D.

Harshnath Temple, which is 14 km. away from Sikar, is an ancient site famous for the ruins old Shiva Temple located on the Aravalli hills of Rajasthan. The architectural display of the old temple is breath taking .

Different Exhibits of Sikar Government Museum

This museum primarily consists of 287 stone sculptures, 2 inscriptions, 17 metallic images, 51 weapons, 51 paintings, 1256 coin and 205 objects of local art, craft and archaeology.

Sikar – Famous Around the World for Mansion

Sikar is a part of the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, famous around the world for its mansions with frescoes or painted havelis.

Sikar was an important trading centre and  Its merchant demonstrated their affluence by building large and luxurious mansions that are typical of Shekhawati region.

The important havelis  that a tourist can visit include Biyani Haveli made in 1865, Somani Haveli, painted in red and blue colors and the Chhotalal Sodhani Haveli built in 1884, that has an impressive entrance painted with dancing girls and panels from the Mahabharata inside.

Other Tourist Attractions in Sikar

Sikar also has cenotaphs of its royals, the important one is the Chhatri of Devi Singh from 1795 with nearly eighty painted panels. The market place here has a Clock Tower.

Another Major Attraction of Sikar is Khatushyamji Temple which is located 65 Km. away from Sikar & 80 Km. from Jaipur.

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