Sheetla mata (an avtar of goddess Durga) is the goddess of the epidemic diseases such as measles, chicken pox etc.

As per Legends, the rage of Sheetla Mata can lead to epidemics. So in order to calm and placate the Mata, devotees pray and make offerings to her.

Sheetla Mata Temple

The temple of Sheetla Mata is located on top of hillock in Seel-ki-Doongri village located at 5 kms from Chaksu and 35 kms from Jaipur.

A beautiful red stone placed inside the temple is an embodiment of the deity.

Sheetla Mata Fair

The Sheetla Mata Fair takes place in the month of March-April (Chaitra on Krishna Paksh). The fair is held in Seel-Ki-Doongri village in Jaipur. It lasts for only 24 hours in which pilgrims visit to pay homage to Sheetla Mata.

It is believed that if due to any reason, Sheetla Mata loses her temper then the area is expected to be affected by dangerous epidemics. That’s why the fair is organized to keep her mood cheerful. Offerings of different type of fruits, sweets and cash is placed at the feet of Sheetla Mata. People who come to attend the fair are supposed to take food only after visiting the sacred shrine of Sheetla Mata.

There is a cattle fair that occur simultaneously with this fair. Due to plethora of colorful activities happening in the fair, the atmosphere becomes truly joyful. Cattle breeders decorate their animals beautifully and take them to the fair. The best breeder is awarded with prizes.

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