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Bhuwal Mata – Kuldevi of Chajjer clan

Bhuwal Mata, a lok deity of Rajasthan, is mainly worshiped by Jains. She is considered as the Kuldevi of Chajjer clan of Jains.


In 1964, Shushila Devi (one of saint of Chajjer clan) was not recovering from illness. When Dr. B.L Chajjer asked the reason for that, she told that Bhuwal Mata will come and everything will be well in Chajjer clan. Saint Shushila Devi remained bare foot for 15 months and worshiped Bhuwal Mata.

In 1969 Bhuwal Mata’s priest told Shushila Devi to reconstruct the temple of Bhuwal Mata’s temple. The task was completed by help of 1250 house members from Chajjer clan within 24 hrs. The temple was at Khedgarh which is now known as Tilwara. It is located at 15 km from Balotra, an important city in the district Barmer of Rajasthan.

It is said that the footprints of Bhuwal Mata are still worshiped at Khed.

Incident during Construction of Temple

The same temple was reconstructed in Birhami village of Rajasthan near Jodhpur. Several attempts were made to construct the temple but due to some unknown presence partly constructed temple walls used to fall the same night. No one could answer the reason for falling walls.

Finally Sushila Ben Chajjer, a staunch follower and committed devotee of Bhuwal Mata, suggested that the temple should be constructed in single day without stoppage of work. Accordingly on 07.04.1976 the construction was started and completed on 08.04.1976.

Bhuwal Mata’s fair

A huge fair is held every year during Navrati in which Jains, especially Chajjer, participate from all over India and abroad. The fair is held at Birhami or Birami village of Rajasthan near Jodhpur. It is about 30 km south-east of Jodhpur.

How to worship Bhuwal Mata

The worship of Bhuwal Mata can be done in a very simple way. One must have taken bath before entering into temple and should also wear clean clothes. One may offer dry coconut in hawan or yajna.

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Manvendra Singh – BJP candidate for Barmer Parliamentary Constituency of Rajasthan

Manvendra Singh - BJP Candidate from Barmer Constituency Rajasthan

Manvendra Singh - BJP Candidate from Barmer Constituency Rajasthan

Manvendra Singh is the BJP candidate for Barmer Parliamentary Constituency of Rajasthan State in General Elections India 2009.

Manvendra Singh Profile

Manvendra is son of Jaswant Singh, the former Finance Minister of India.

He was elected to Lok Sabha member by defeating Sona Ram of the Indian National Congress in 2004 .  Presently he  represents the Barmer constituency of Rajasthan and is an active member of  Defense and Industry Committees and Local Area Development department .

Academic Qualifications

Born in 1964 in Jodhpur, he completed his schooling from Mayo College and has an MA, having studied at Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts and the School of Oriental and African Studies, London.

Journalist by Profession

He is a journalist by profession and was a columnist for Indian Express before entering politics. He is also a captain in the Territorial Army and he is fond of footbal game.

Jaswant Singh nominated from Darjeeling Parliamentary constituency

Senior BJP leader  Jaswant Singh (father of Manvendra Singh)  filed his nomination from Darjeeling Parliamentary constituency. Jaswant Singh, who hails from Rajasthan, decided to contest from Darjeeling, after the Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM) supported his candidature.

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