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Tie and Die, Bandhej Shawls – Popular Winter Wear from Rajasthan

The term shawl is derived from Persian word shal, which means a clothing worn around a person. It is mainly worn to give a warm feeling, to complement a costume and for symbolic reasons.

It is a rectangular or oblong piece of cloth or garment that is worn to cover the head, neck or shoulders. It is also worn for offering prayers in many religions.

Bandhej Shawls of Rajasthan


Shawls were popular among Indians in variety of forms since ancient times. Kashmir valley of India is known for weaving shawl. The intricate embroidery and hand woven shawls from Kashmir are popular throughout Europe, Persia and other western countries.


Tie and Die Shawls

Tie and die shawls in wool with beautiful embroidery and mirror work from craftsman of Rajasthan are famous world over. Tie and die is one of the most traditional method of printing shawls. These methods  involves dyeing only selected parts of cloth which yield multicolored designs and shades in a shawl.

Bandhej Shawls

Bandhej is also popular technique in which muslin, handloom or silk cloth as well as cotton is used for making bandhej shawl.  Starch, colours and ordinary threads are the raw material required for this type off shawls.

Earlier, vegetable dyes were used but now chemical dyes are becoming popular.

Wooden blocks are used for making attractive designs.

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Traditional Wear of Rajasthani Women – Ghaghara, Odhni – Hand Processed Textiles

Rajasthan is a part of the color belt of western India. The starkness of the desert and the arid colorless landscape  are balanced by the brilliant range of colors in the textiles of Rajasthan.

Hand Processed Textile of Rajasthan

The Traditional communities in Rajasthan have highly developed color sense and can handle the material efficiently. As a result the hand processed textile of Rajasthan, be it tie & dye, hand block prints, embroidery, patchwork and applique, bead work or handlooms, a distinctive image that  Rajasthani Textiles unfold, is a visual delight for the customers.

Ghaghara - Odhni - Taditional Women Wear in Rajasthan

Ghaghara - Odhni - Taditional Women Wear in Rajasthan

A basic cotton cloth called reza or gadha is woven all over Rajasthan by the julaha weaver community. In some parts of the state, finer varities of cottons are produced such as kotha – doria from kaithoon, mulmul from Mathania (Jodhpur) and pagri with chila embroidery from Alwar.

Ghaghara  – Odhnis   –   Traditional  Wear of Rajasthani Women

The ghaghara , a long skirt heavily gathered at the waist is worn all over Rajasthan with a kurti or kanchli for a top along with an odhini an extra large headscarf cum – shawl. The pattu is woven with interesting geometric patterns. The ghaghara has horizontal maroon and black strips embellished with embrodery and mirror work.

Odhnis are woven in maroon or red and embroidered in cross stitch . The woolen ghaghara , an unstinting garment tied at the waist with a brightly- coloured wollen cord and adorned with cowrie shells and pop-poms is mostly worn by Jat women while the wollen odhni is worn mainly by the women of the Bishnoi community.

The women in their swinging multicoloured ghagharas and brightly coloured cholis, bedecked with silver jewellery are a wonderful sight, their attire reflecting their vitality and exuberance.

Kotah Doria Sari

Kotah- doria or masuria as it locally called, is a chequered fabric with a cooton wrap and a silk weft, and is marketed extensively all over country. This wear is a favorite particularly as summer wear.

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