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Swami Keshwanand – Saint, Freedom Fighter, Social Reformer and Educator

Swami KeshwanandPersonal Profile

Swami Keshwanand was such an indifferent saint who served others for social benefits while himself being unmarried  throughout  his life. He was born at village Magloona in Sikar district of present-day Rajasthan.

His actual name was Birama, and he was the son of Thakarsi, a penurious camel-driver. In 1890 when Birama was seven, his father died and  for a prolonged period, his mother had perforce to move from place to place in search of shelter and fodder for her animals. Mother and son finally settled at village Kelania in present-day Sri Ganganagar.

However, this was not the end of their misfortunes: Rajasthan was then headed for one of its periodic famines. There was no vegetation and drop of water left on the ground.  All the animals died for want of fodder. People survived on grasses and the bark of “Khejri” trees.  The ruling Savants were least bothered for the poor people. It was in these circumstances that Birama’s mother Saran died in 1899 at village Kelaniya.


The famine of 1899 forced  Birama to leave the desert region and move to Punjab in search of livelihood. He went to  Mahant Kushaldas of the Udasin sect and expressed the desire to learn Sanskrit. Birama became a sannyasi in 1904 and did  his education at the Sadhu Ashram Fazilka. At the Kumbha Mela held at Prayag in 1905, Mahatma Hiranandji Avadhut conferred on Birama the new name “Swami Keshwanand”.

Established Various Schools, Colleges, Hostels and Libraries

Swami Keshwanand was an orphan, illiterate, nomadic man who never received formal education but he established more than 300 schools, 50 hostels and innumerable libraries, social service centers and museums. Swami Keshwanand’s deep understanding of the rural society of the desert region can be gleaned from his book “Maru Bhumi Seva Karya”. In this book, he has explained the peculiarities of the Desert region, identified the problems and suggested appropriate and logical solutions.

Keshwanand as freedom fighter, educator and social reformer

He got very hurt because of Jalianwalla bagh incident and after that he  started attending the meetings of the Indian National Congress, joined the Indian Independence Movement under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, and participated in the non-cooperation movement, for which was imprisoned for two years (1921-1922).

It was swami Keshwanand’s lifelong endeavour to eradicate social evils like untouchability, illiteracy, child marriage, indebtedness, poverty, backwardness, alcohol abuse, moral dissipation etc.


Swami Keshwanand was presented the “Abhinandan Granth” by the then chief minister of Rajasthan on March 9, 1958. He was a member of the Rajya Sabha for two consequetive terms, 1952-58 and 1958-64. The department of Posts, Government of India, issued a commemorative postage stamp in his honour on August 15, 1999.

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Jewellers Association Show (JAS) 2009 – An Exhibition Of World Class Jewelry and Gemstones in Jaipur

Jewellers Association Show (JAS) 2009, Jaipur Jewellers Association Show (JAS) 2009, Jaipur

JAS or Jewellers Association Show is amongst India’s most prominent jewelry show. The pink city, Jaipur will host the jewellers association show 2009 from 24th july 2009 to 27th july 2009.

Significance of JAS

Ownered by jewellers association, Jaipur, JAS is key charter in association’s plans of promoting the image of Jaipur as the most promising hub of quality gemstones and jewelry of the global levels.

After the grand success of JAS’07 and JAS’08, JAS has been established into a brand in its own rights. With an assembly of international renowned jewelers from across the globe and a strong focus of B2B networking, JAS’08 saw some serious business activity among the traders. With over 200 stalls in around 3000 sq. mt of area, JAS ’08 saw an average footfall of 6000 visitors daily.

Attractions at JAS’09

With over 200 stalls in fully air-conditioned Birla Auditorium and footfall of over 25,000 in 4 days, JAS’09 is all set to present a grander and vibrant image of potential of jewellers association. Already over 1000 trade viitors from outside jaipur have registered.

Exhibitors from the world of gold jewellery, color stone jewellery, designer jewellery, diamond jewellery, platinum jewellery, loose color gemstones, silver jewellery, trendy thewa jewellery, sozo jewellery, certified diamonds & accessories of jewellary are going to participate.

Uniqueness About JAS’09

This show will display an unparalleled variety of color gemstones. This time thousands of national and international visitors expected which is giving ample opportunity for business networking and chartering of associations.

We will write more about JAS tommorow mentioning the finer details such as the Venue, Date, Timings as well as the scheduled programs. If you wish to get in more details right now you visit

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