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Harasar Haveli in Bikaner – Offers Great Hospitality in Traditional Rajput Manner

Situated in Bikaner, Harasar Haveli was the residence of Army Minister of the former princely State of Bikaner – Late Colonel Rao Bahadur Thakur Jeoraj Singh.

Harasar Haveli in Bikaner

Harasar Haveli in Bikaner

He was the ruling chief  (Thakur) of the Thikana of Harasar, which was granted to him as an additional field by Maharaja Ganga Singhji of Bikaner.

Heritage Hotel of Bikaner

This Harasar Haveli was converted to a  heritage hotel of Bikaner in 1997 by Kanwar Visvajeet Singh,  the grandson of Thakur Jeoraj Singh. Now this haveli provides great hospitality in a traditional Rajput manner for their guest.

Harasar Haveli Features

Harasar Haveli has Rooftop giving a commanding view of the Junagarh Fort, Lallgarh Palace and of other prominent landmarks of the city, up to the sand dunes surrounding Bikaner. Every evening, folk dance and music performances by gypsies are arranged along with dinner.

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Karohi Haveli in Udaipur Rajasthan – Offer Royal Hospitality and Lifestyle to Travelers

The Karohi Haveli is located in Udaipur district of Rajasthan. It was built in 1820 A.D. as  residence of Karohi noble family.

Currently this haveli has been converted into heritage hotel of Udaipur to offer royal hospitality and the experience of the Haveli for travelers to their Udaipur tour.


Attractions of Karohi Haveli

Traditional Architecture

The specialty of the Haveli is its traditional Rajasthani architecture and the huge area covered by it. It has lush green lawns which are huge and beautiful and offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

Each room has a wonderful view of the lake and a terrace with beautiful panoramic views of the City Palace, Lake Pichola,  Havelies, Temples the Old City and also Lake Swaroop Sagar.

Peaceful Location

This Haveli is well designed and located on the top of a hill which is very peaceful & pollution free. It fronts onto Lake Pichola near the Hanuman Ghat and is directly opposite the magnificent shoreline of City Palace, Lal Ghat and the old city.

Although the rooms have been modernised they still keep traditional features that characterise Rajasthan.

We do offers hotel booking, and Travel packages for Rajasthan. To book accommodation at Karohi Havelis Haveli or for more information,  you can mail us at

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Weak Tourist Season in Rajasthan – State Tourism Department Planning to Spend 20 Crores In Maintenance and Promotion

Rajasthan state has witnessed a significant drop in international tourists mainly due to global recession.  The international tourist influx which was around 12 lakh last year has come down to 9 lakh for this season.

The state-owned Rajasthan Tourist Development Corp is planning to spend Rs 20 crore to upgrade all its Hotels in Rajasthan. The hotels would be provided with modern amenities including swimming pool, air-conditioned bar, luxury bathroom and fast food restaurant.

The corporation is planning to conduct special grooming sessions for its staff to compete with star hotels. They also have tied up with professional hospitality groups for language and soft skills training to hotel staff. This will inculcate courtesy and more warmth in staff.

Some of the famous RTDC hotels in Rajasthan are:

  • Hotel Gangaur, Jaipur
  • Hotel Teej, Jaipur
  • Hotel Swagatam, Jaipur
  • Hotel Ghoomar, Jodhpur
  • Hotel Kajri, Udaipur
  • Hotel Moomal, Jaisalmer
  • Hotel Sam Dhani, Jaisalmer

A Quick View on RTDC

RTDC acts as a catalyst to establish tourism in Rajasthan. It manages numerous restaurants, cafeterias, motels and bars.

To enhance the experience of the tourist’s, the Corporation also organises package tours, fairs, festivals, entertainment, shopping and transport services.

RTDC gives you the opportunity to experience the charm of the most exotic destination of Rajasthan in most refined lodging and cuisine at budgeted price. It gives you a chance to enjoy its privileged offers to discover the authenticity of this exotic state and a stay especially made for you.

The RTDC has convenient booking offices all over the country and it offers bookings through its wide network of agents throughout the world .

* For Enquiries, Information and Bookings of RTDC, you can Contact the Toll Free No. 18001033500

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Exclusive on Rajasthan – Live like Maharaja – A Hotel or A Palace

As we informed yesterday, today we were supposed to start our series on Forts in Rajasthan. We have been working real hard to compile facts and summarize the large amount of data, we have been collating from various sources.

We apologize to notify, but you have to wait one more day for the series to start as we are still finalizing the compilations.. meanwhile i will post an article about a hotel in capital city Jaipur, which was voted  World’s Leading heritage hotel by The World Travel awards 2007.

Hotel Raj Palace, Jaipur, India

Hotel Raj Palace, Jaipur, India

Hotel Raj Palace

Isn’t the name summarize it all.. Raj (kingdom) and Palace (Kings Residence) , so it is a King’s Kingdom Hotel. Situated just 12 kms from the airport , there list of esteemed guest includes Royalty like Sheikh Al Bander from Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Al Makhtoom from UAE, Al Khalifa from Bahrain, Prince and royals from Europe etc, Celebrities from Hollywood and bollywood like Dominique La Pierre, Fredrick Forsyth, Elainne Page , etc.

The Raj Palace has a palace architecture which can be related to the service and comforts of luxury and  boutique hotel style. It offers world class facilities and services, in order to make your holidays even more adventurous and luxurious by offering facilities of a Spa, AyurVeda Massages, Kerala Massages, Beauty and Herbal Treatments to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

If you are looking for a real luxurious experience and planning a India Vacation with a true Indian flavour, then they are the right place for you, as they are one of the best luxury hotels of the world. They offer different accommodations mainly differing the luxuries offered. Some of the rooms offered are Palace, Presidential, Prestige and Historical Suites, Heritage and Standard Rooms.

If you wish to go for a royal wedding in a palace with all the decorations and luxuries offered at the traditional times, then Raj Palace is the palace for you. They will do all the arrangements and make it a once in a life time experience.

This is what we wish to share about this heritage hotel in Rajasthan where you can actually live like a king, if you wish to find out more, check it out at Raj Palace Hotel , we will be back tommorrow with all the whereabouts of forts in Rajasthan. Stay Tuned!!

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