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Tazia Tower in Jaisalmer Rajasthan – Five Storied Structure of Great Historical Significance

Tazia Tower is one of the major tourist attractions in Jaisalmer. It is a five-storied structure of great historical significance, which ascends from Badal Mahal (Cloud Palace) in Jaisalmer.

Tazia Tower in Jaisalmer

Imposing Architecture

Each storey of this pagoda like imposing figure features a beautifully carved balcony that is famous for their individual designs.

The most important palaces in this complex are Badal vilas, Jawahar Vilas, Dari Khana and Zenana Mahal. These were the homes of the former royal family adorned with modern facilities which indicates the British influence.

Significance of Tazia ?

Tazias are the fragile, split bamboo and elaborately decorated paper and tinsel models of Taj like mausoleums made by Shia Muslims during the period of Muharram, to commemorate the martyrdrom of Hassan and Hussain, the Prophet’s grandsons.

History about Tazia Tower

The silavats of Jaisalmer, being Shia Muslims, decided to migrate to Pakistan when it was established in 1947. Before leaving their desert Home, they expressed their love for their homeland and their ruler by building this tower in the shape of tazia and presenting it to the ruler.

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Mohta and Mava Patti Havelis in Bikaner – Symbol of Wealth, Architectural Design and Colours

Located at Banthia chowk Bikaner, Mohta havelies cluster is well known among tourist for their architectural design. Havelies in mava patti and kothari Mohalla also deserve special mention.

Bikaner Havelis

Haveils – Symbol of Wealth and Status

These havelies were the residence of wealthy merchants who had a fancy for beauty and art. Nine months in a year they lived in far off lands to earn money and then came to this city to rest and enjoy and build havelies and live in them, show their wealth and status, their love, fascination for architecture and colours.

Haveli’s Attractions

In every haveli the dankhana is the most adored room and most prestigious too. The guests are received here. It is significant to mention that every haveli has two dankhanas. One for men and another for women and these are situated at the main entrance of the haveli. A dankhana generally has six pillars. Every pillar has a glass mirror with gold frame engrossed with flowers mostly roses.

Every diwankhana has paintings of gods and goddesses. Apart from religious deities and flowers, the leaves fruits like apples, grapes, oranges and bananas also find place in most havelies in Bikaner.

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Harasar Haveli in Bikaner – Offers Great Hospitality in Traditional Rajput Manner

Situated in Bikaner, Harasar Haveli was the residence of Army Minister of the former princely State of Bikaner – Late Colonel Rao Bahadur Thakur Jeoraj Singh.

Harasar Haveli in Bikaner

Harasar Haveli in Bikaner

He was the ruling chief  (Thakur) of the Thikana of Harasar, which was granted to him as an additional field by Maharaja Ganga Singhji of Bikaner.

Heritage Hotel of Bikaner

This Harasar Haveli was converted to a  heritage hotel of Bikaner in 1997 by Kanwar Visvajeet Singh,  the grandson of Thakur Jeoraj Singh. Now this haveli provides great hospitality in a traditional Rajput manner for their guest.

Harasar Haveli Features

Harasar Haveli has Rooftop giving a commanding view of the Junagarh Fort, Lallgarh Palace and of other prominent landmarks of the city, up to the sand dunes surrounding Bikaner. Every evening, folk dance and music performances by gypsies are arranged along with dinner.

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Kothari Havelis in Bikaner – Old Marwari Architecture and Art Collection

Bhairondan Kothari Haveli

Located at Bikaner, Bhairondan Kothari is one of the most beautiful havelis in Rajasthan.  The European influence is obvious in the architecture of this haveli.


It imparts fascinating beauty to its floors. Marble tiles are studded in the floors of the haveli. The beautiful poem of Kamayani is also written on these stone.

Poonam Chand Kothari Haveli

Another remarkable haveli near this haveli is the haveli of Poonam Chand Kothari. Its exterior carvings are as beautiful as those of Daga havelies.

Havelis Attractions

These both havelis contains excellent art collection. Remarkable carved sandalwood doors and windows, airy sandstones balconies, balu strades and lacy jharokhas (latticed stone window) enclose an old fashioned world where the generation overlap.

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Daga Chowk Haveli Cluster in Bikaner, Rajasthan – Exquisite Carvings and Drawing Rooms

Daga Chowk Havelis, a cluster of havelis, is located in Bikaner, Rajasthan. A unique feature about these havelis is that they are spread out like the scattered clouds and are beautifully adorned with carvings of flowers.

Daga Chowk Havelis Features

Exquisite Carvings on Jharokhas

The artistic and exquisite carvings on Jharokhas resemble projected pieces of valuable ornaments.

The walls are all flowery and take the viewer in a world of nature and its infinite spelendours. They look like projected pieces of priceless jewelery.

Executive Drawing Rooms

It is believed that Daga family,  the founders of Daga chowk Havelis had a fascination for deevankhanas. The deewankhanas or drawing rooms gave prestige to the family.

The precious murals preserved in these havelis reveal old and contemporary face of Indian painting.  They are a treasury of art and a matter of pride. They even demonstrate the increasing English influence of those time.

Love for Nature

The creators of havelies had great love for nature which is quite indicated from the haveli designs. Leaves and flowers decorate every jharokha giving it an astonishing and pleasant natural effect. Jali or stone with small holes create unbounded beauty.

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Rikhji Bagri ki Haveli in Bikaner – Adorned With Arched Entrances and Charming Jharokhas

Situated near Mohta chowk at Bikaner, Rikhji Bagri ki Haveli is a small haveli with arched entrances and charming Jharokhas.

Rikhji Bagri ki Haveli, Bikaner

Rikhji Bagri ki Haveli, Bikaner

The carvings display the tiniest details in the most delicate manner. It has poetry written on stone.

Such artistic exterior is unparallel and perhaps does not exist anywhere on earth.

The other and much better known havelies including the great patwa havelies fade when the carving of this haveli show off the minutest details in a most delicate manner.

Havali Attractions

Be it a peacock, an elephant, a flower or a pot, every thing is natural living and just enchanting in this Haveli.

The more you look at them the more joy you get out of the view. It is a beauty for ever, eternal and irreplaceable. If dreams are cast in stones or if stones can sing they would be like the exterior of Rikhji bagri ki haveli.

Arched entrances and captivating jharokhas look more beautiful because of the flowers embossed on them which are more beautiful than the real flowers in this Rikhji Bagri ki Haveli

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Rampuria Havelis Cluster in Bikaner, Rajasthan – Famous for Exquisite and Minute Carvings

Bikaner is situated in the north-west region of Rajasthan and it can legitimately boast of some unique architectural marvels of India. Apart from Junagarh fort in Bikaner, Jain temples like Bhandasar temple, Neminath temple, Adeshwar temple are adorable.


Havelis in Bikaner

Bikaner is also famous among tourists for marvelous mansions which are a wonder in home architecture.  Aldous Huxley a famous English writer, visited these havelis reportedly said “They are the pride of Bikaner”.

The havelis are located in narrow lanes in the old city. Some of the havelis worth a visit are: the Rampuria Group of Havelies, Rikhji Bagri ki haveli, Daga Chowk havelies, haveli of Bhairondan and Kothari Sampatlal Agarwal haveli.

Rampuria Havelies in Bikaner

The most famous cluster of havelies is the Rampuria Group of Havelies. These havelis are built by Balujee Chalva under instructions from Rampuria family. Rampuria havelis are many in number and are big in size and located at nearly adjacent positions make great impression like the patwa havelies of Jaisalmer.

The interior scheme of decoration of these havelies is very different. The Rampuria havelies are built of dulmera stone, which are red in color. Exquisite and minute carvings come naturally to the havelis’s stones. The Rampuria havelies are decorated with golden work of the highest quality.

They have dankhanas (Drawing Room) which take us to the mughal and rajput period of amalgamation and synthesis. Another interesting feature is that Rampuria havelies have diverse exterior and each haveli has a pattern of its own.

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Karohi Haveli in Udaipur Rajasthan – Offer Royal Hospitality and Lifestyle to Travelers

The Karohi Haveli is located in Udaipur district of Rajasthan. It was built in 1820 A.D. as  residence of Karohi noble family.

Currently this haveli has been converted into heritage hotel of Udaipur to offer royal hospitality and the experience of the Haveli for travelers to their Udaipur tour.


Attractions of Karohi Haveli

Traditional Architecture

The specialty of the Haveli is its traditional Rajasthani architecture and the huge area covered by it. It has lush green lawns which are huge and beautiful and offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

Each room has a wonderful view of the lake and a terrace with beautiful panoramic views of the City Palace, Lake Pichola,  Havelies, Temples the Old City and also Lake Swaroop Sagar.

Peaceful Location

This Haveli is well designed and located on the top of a hill which is very peaceful & pollution free. It fronts onto Lake Pichola near the Hanuman Ghat and is directly opposite the magnificent shoreline of City Palace, Lal Ghat and the old city.

Although the rooms have been modernised they still keep traditional features that characterise Rajasthan.

We do offers hotel booking, and Travel packages for Rajasthan. To book accommodation at Karohi Havelis Haveli or for more information,  you can mail us at

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Mahaveer Prasad Goenka Haveli in Fatehpur, Rajasthan – Best Fresco Combination of Color and Design

Fathepur town in shekhawati region is really famous for its Goenka Havelis. Constructed by the wealthy merchants, the Mahaveer Prasad Goenka Haveli, which was built is 1885, has some of the best fresco in perfect match of color and design.

The Goenkas were and still are affluent businessmen in shekhawati region. Their haveli is one of the best to be seen in the Shekhawati Region.

Goenka Havelis Attractions

Many of the paintings depict Lord Krishna’s pastimes- his flirtations with the gopinis, his romance with Radha, are some of the most commonly seen.

The main highlight of the Mahaveer Prasad Goenka Haveli in fatehpur Rajasthan is the painted ceiling in an upstairs room, which is quite often locked and therefore not easily accessible for travelers.

Again, like most havelis in Shekhawati, the Goenka Haveli Fatehpur opens with a massive carved wooden gate. The gate opens into an outer courtyard. This outer courtyard then leads to a smaller inner courtyard.

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Bharatiya Havelis in Fatehpur, Rajasthan – Adorned with Mirror Work and Japanese Tiles

Fatehpur is small town located at 52 Km. away from Sikar district of Rajasthan. There are so many tourist interesting place in fatehpur like fort, Havelies, Temples, Nawabi Bawri, Tanks, Mosques & heritage Cenotaphs.

Havelis in Fatehpur

Havelis in Fatehpur

Founded in the mid 15th century by a Kayamkhani Nawab, Fatehpur’s havelis are unrivalled.

The frescoes on the Devera and Singhania Haveli of Fatehpur are matched by few others. Another haveli, Goenka has brilliant frescoes paintings, with some of them depicting Lord Krishna.

The Ram Gopal Mahavir Prasad Goenka Haveli, Hukmi Chand Choudhri Haveli and Bharatiya Havelis are well worth a visit.

Bharatiya Havelis in Fatehpur

More hybrid examples, the two Bhartia Havelis are also impressive in Fatehpur. These havelis were build presumably around 1920 by Bhartia family. These are adorned with mirror work on their entrances and Japanese tiles patterned with Mount Fuji paintings.

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