Kaila Devi

Kaila Devi is reigning diety of millions of people of eastern Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Kaila Devi Temple, Karauli

The Kaila devi temple came into existence around 1100 A.D. The temple is located at 23 kms. from Karauli town in Rajasthan state. It is situated on the banks of the Kalisil river. It is a marble structure with a large courtyard of a checkered floor. In one place a number of red flags can been seen which were planted by devotees over the years.

This temple is regarded as one of the 9 Shakti peeths of goddess Durga. In Chaitra Navratra virtually the entire area of eastern Rajasthan, western U.P. and western M.P. congregate at the feet of goddess.

Another attraction is the small temple dedicated to Bhairon, situated in the courtyard and facing the shrine of Kaila Devi is a temple of Hanuman locally called ‘Languriya’.

Festival & Fair

Festival date: March/April i.e in the month of Chaitra (according to Hindu festival calendar).

The annual fair of Kaila Devi, Mahalakshmi or the goddess of wealth, is held at the village Kaila and lasts for a fortnight. Around 60 lacs pilgrims flock to this place every year. Traders from surrounding areas come to the fair and do brisk business. Rajputs, Meenas and members of the some other scheduled castes are among the principal devotees of Kaila Devi.

According to the rituals, animals are sacrificed outside the temple and folk activities are performed with great enthusiasm. The atmosphere turns live with the active participation of Mina tribes. They make best effort to showcase their culture in the form of dances and music.

Ardent devotees follow the ritual of Kanak-Dandotis. Accordingly, devotees lie flat and make prominent line with their hands. A distance of 20 kms has to be covered by the pilgrims so as to pay homage to the deity. Money, bangles, coconuts, fruits and sweets are offered before the Goddess.