Personal Profile:

Brahmagupta, the great mathematician and astronomer was born in Bhinmal city in the state of Rajasthan. His father’s name was Jisnugupta. He lived most of his life in Bhillamal and often referred to as Bhillamalacarya, that is, the teacher from Bhinmal. Brahmagupta is famous for the important works on mathematics and astronomy.

Brahmagupta as Astronomer:

Brahmagupta worked on the secrets of universe and wrote Brahmasphutasiddhanta (the Opening of the Universe) in 628 in Bhinmal city. In this book he covered the topics of mean longitudes of the planets; true longitudes of the planets; the three problems of diurnal rotation; lunar eclipses; solar eclipses; risings and settings; the moon’s crescent; the moon’s shadow; conjunctions of the planets with each other; and conjunctions of the planets with the fixed stars.

Because of his great efforts and knowledge he became head of the astronomical observatory at Ujjain.

Brahmagupta as Mathematician:

In Brahmasphutasiddhanta, Brahmagupta defined zero as the result of subtracting a number from itself. Brahmagupta developed some algebraic notation and presents methods to solve quadratic equations. He presents methods to solve indeterminate equations. Brahmagupta gave remarkable formulae for the area of a cyclic quadrilateral and for the lengths of the diagonals in terms of the sides.

In 665 he wrote a second work on mathematics and astronomy named as Khandakhadyaka. In mathematics he give different formulas and theorems which now known as Brahmagupta’s formula and Brahmagupta’s theorem.  Brahmagupta described about Zero as one of the numerals which stood for meaning nothing. He also elaborates as to how integers positive and negative consequence when played with zero.