Jhunjhunwala Haveli is situated in Mandawa in Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. It attracts tourists from entire world.

The rooms of the haveli are painted in golden color and enriched with the famous wall paintings.

Jhujhunwala Haveli in Mandawa

Jhujhunwala Haveli in Mandawa

It was built in 1859 and from then till today it has treasured the remnants of history in its well furnished and lavishly designed walls.

Lord Krishna can be seen here surrounded with Gopis or milkmaids and the riot of bright colors accentuates the beauty of the frescoes. These image of Krishna are one of the important paintings in the Haveli.

Lavishly Designed Rooms in Haveli

The lavishly designed rooms in the Jhunjhunwala Haveli are decorated with the royal portraits that exude a quaint regal ambiance.

Jhunjhunwala Haveli, Mandawa has a carved wooden gate as its main entrance while the windows are latticed and carved.  The facades, gateways, courtyard walls, parapets and ceilings are covered with frescos that present a stunning sight.  This speaks volumes about the artistry and craftsmanship of the artisans.

Other Places to Visit in Mandawa

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You can explore these splendid tourist attractions of Mandawa while your tour to Rajasthan.