Tradition Rajasthani Women Dressed in Jewels

Tradition Rajasthani Women Dressed in Jewels

In India, Jewellery is worn as a complete ensemble and not as an accessory and this was the reason that the royal ladies of Rajasthan worn jewels from head to toe.

Ornamentation For Head

Most common head jewel is bindi, a central pendant hanging from a string of fine pearls. A variant of is borla, in which central pendant is semi spherical and is set with precious stones and fringe of pearls.

Jewellery For Nose

naath, worn in nose brings good fortune and is a ring of gold in most cases.

Ornamentation For Ears

Famous earrings style were karanphool juhumka (flower of ears shaped like star), phool jhumka flowers shaped, toti parrot image, lathan grape image, pipal patti like pipal leaf. There were some special types of jhumkas of huge sizes, shapes and colors.

Jewellery For Foot

Toe Rings and Anklets are the two types. Big toe rings were called anvat all these were designed in various shapes and were made up of silver and gold. These ornaments makes sounds like bell tinkles as lady walks.

Earrings and Pendants in Gold

Earrings and Pendants in Gold

Ornamentation For Waist

Women wear girdles and belts around their waists. These were usually made up of gold and set with rubies, emeralds and diamonds. Kardhani is little longer and is made up of various chains held together with metalbands.

Jewellery For Arms

Most common ones are gold bands with precious stones. The smallest bangle to fit the wrist is Kada, a think decorated bangle. Chuda, a variant is made of ivory inlaid with gold. Hathphool, another variant, is a bangle with rings connected to it by chains that lie over back of the hand.

Ornamentation For Neck

The most important and visible items of jewellery are worn on the neck. champakali, a string of flowers stylised in shape of champa (a flower), the mohrun, the jugnu and the hansli ( a gold collar thick in middle and tapering at ends) are all variants of necklaces.

Besides all this, the clothes are also embroidered with gold and silver threads. These women in beautifully dressed sarees and indian traditional clothes and jeweled in the ornaments are still a pride of India.

There are various materials other than gold, silver, diamond and precious stones that are used to make jewellery and then there are specialized centres of Jewellery in Rajasthan, these all will be covered in our next post, so stay tuned !!